A Nefesh B’Nefesh Oleh is Hiring…

Title: Experienced Front-End Web Developer (FED)


The ideal candidate should understand the separation of content from design, scoff at the mention of using tables and know when and when NOT to use Dreamweaver. Should write validating, standards-compliant, and semantically-rich code and be aware of cross-browser compatibility and bugs. Translations from the designs to final code should be a match, pixel-for-pixel.


  • Writing valid, standards compliant XHTML/CSS to a strict doctype.
  • Taking designs as a PSD document and hand coding them into a standards based XHTML/CSS mockups.
  • Work closely with designers to develop working mockups of high end UI components.

Required Qualifications and Skills:

  • Aware of W3C Standards and Specifications
  • Ability to create valid, table-less layouts, using only CSS for presentation
  • Knowledge of cross-browser and platform compatibility issues and workarounds
  • Strong knowledge on Semantic XHTML structure and accessibility, SEO markup optimization
  • General knowledge of Photoshop
  • Familiarity w/ Flash and Flash integration


  • JavaScript/ DOM scripting/ DHTML/ AJAX
  • experience with javascript frameworks as JQuery/Prototype.js/script.aculo.us
  • basic ASP.Net development skils

CVs to Rochelle@nbn.org.il with FED in subject line.


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